Monday, May 11, 2009

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic...FINALLY!!!

Hey! Scott and I have been super busy adjusting to life in Indiana, but we are finally getting situated enough to find time to blog!!!! So...her is our trip. I'll break it up into days....that'll be easier to read:) Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Scott and I left April 21 for the Dominican Republic. We were super excited for our trip, but getting there was a pain. We left the Salt Lake airport tuesday afternoon and arrived in the Dallas airport that same night. We had an overnight flight, so when we arrived, we found some food, then tucked ourselves away in a little corner. But we were so comfortable! The airport staff was so friendly and loaded us up with tons of blankets and pillows:)

The next morning, we grabbed some breakfast at Starbucks. Their muffins are delicious:) We headed out on our flight to Miami! We were getting closer and closer to our final destination! We were so excited, but we were also very disappointed. We were starving, so we found what we thought would be an ok lunch. Turns out, we paid $30 for two small gatorades, two SIDE ceasar salads, and a bowl of Jello! Ridiculous! And it didn't even taste good! The croutons were soggy and the dressing was warm. It was just sick.

Luckily, we weren't in that airport for too long. It was freezing in there! We were more ready than ever after that to get to the beach. One more plane ride to go and we were in Puerto Plata! The flight wasn't too long, we were flying over the ocean the entire time and you could spot sporadic islands the entire time. That was fun. Then our plane touched down and we were there!!! There was even a band playing for money as we got off the flight. It was fun.

We got our luggage, and our shuttle and then we were on our way! Our resort was amazing! We arrived, got to the front desk, and already the service was great. The bell boy brought us guava juice while we checked in! We found our room, dropped off our stuff, then went to explore. Here is the view from outside the door to our room.

We were on a private beach, had all inclusive food and beverages, freshly washed beach towels everyday, all of the service you could imagine! There was even a guy that would bring the beach chairs from the poolside to the ocean for ya. Everyone was so friendly. We didn't get there until almost dinner time, so we didn't enjoy the beach too much that day, but we got some delicious food and watched a dance performance that night. Their music is so fun! It seemed like a mix of mexican mariachi and caribbean influence. We enjoyed it. Then we went to sleep for the night!


Briana said...

Ha! Reminds me of our roommate trip where we slept in the airport. But at least you were planning on it this time! :)

The Copelands said...

seriously:) too bad we didn't have any snorkeling equipment with us!