Saturday, May 29, 2010

Love Notes

I'll warn you now, this post is going to be a little cheesy. Ok, maybe WAY cheesy. But I love my husband very much. He is currently on an adventure without me. That doesn't happen too often, but he and his buddy took off to hit up climbing in Yosemite, backpacking in the Redwoods, sea kayaking in the San Juan Islands, climbing in Leavenworth Washington and an international beard and mustache festival in Bend Oregon. Fun for him! Not so much for me, seeing as I am stuck at home working while he is out having fun.

On to the cheesiness. He felt terrible for leaving me behind. The day he left, I found a note telling me how much he'll miss me and how much he loves me and baby boy Copeland. Then, he goes on to tell met hat if I get lonely, I just need to watch a little Magnum PI. We have the complete seventh season on DVD:) So, the next day, I pull out Magnum PI just to find a hidden note with a five dollar bill and his blockbuster card, telling me that it is my ticket to the girliest movie I can find while he is gone. And that he thinks I am the cutest pregnant lady ever:)

A few days later, I find, hidden in a kitchen cabinet underneath a platter we have, a puzzle and a note from him telling me I am his number one puzzler and he thought I might be getting bored without him there, so he wanted to entertain me while I was gone. Anyway, short but sweet. I feel loved. And I'm lucky to have a husband who thinks of me, even when he is far away on his manly adventures.

Friday, May 14, 2010


We had our first ultrasound two days ago! At 17 weeks 5 days. We have not heard from the doctor yet, but the radiologist said everything is looking great and my due date is right on point. We are so excited to know that we are having a MAN! Yay! He will be the cutest, manliest little man ever:) He weighed in at a whoppin' seven ounces with a heart rate of 155 bpm. We're almost halfway done...well, in two weeks anyway.

Here are some ultrasound shots for your viewing pleasure.

Monday, May 3, 2010


I forgot to mention...

Only five months and twelve days until my due date! Yay! I'm getting there, slowly but surely:)

Our week.

If you have been reading our blog for awhile, you may remember way back to last year when Scott and I headed down to Coyote Gulch to go backpacking. It was a blast! After we survived our long stormy night anyway. Scott wanted to go back, so he took off with his man buddies to go again this week. I couldn't go. 1. Couldn't get the time off work. 2. I'm not a man. 3. I'm pregnant, how am I supposed to carry so much gear on my back?? Not going to happen.
While Scott is gone, he told me to be as girly as could be. So I get to go shopping, get my hair done, go to a doctors appointment, that fun kind of stuff. Oh, and work of course. Either way, it'll be a fun few days! Even though I do miss my favorite buddy.