Monday, March 29, 2010

Hard Work

Growing a baby is hard work! I didn't realize how exhausting it would be! I can sleep for ten to twelve hours at night,take a two hour nap during the day, AND still be asleep by 9:00 PM.
Getting dressed in the morning is just as tough. I can't button most of my pants anymore, so I have to strategically wear longer shirts that will cover my unbuttoned pants.
And eating? I feel like I am always eating! But I waste so much food at the same time. I can't eat very much in one sitting, so I try to prepare small amounts of food, but that is tough when you are always on the run and eating out. Most places don't allow adults to order kids meals:)
Enough about the hard work, I get to go to my first doctors appointment on Friday! I wanted to go sooner, but my insurance doesn't kick in until April 1st, and yes, they will still cover me. Yay! I am excited! Scott was able to get off work to go with me. Wish me luck! I get nervous because I have not been yet, so I do not know what is really going on inside of me, but Scott keeps assuring me that with the morning sickness, heartburn, and my rounding mid-section, everything will be just fine.
Also on a good note, there are so many cute baby things out there! I window shopped for cribs today. Anyone have a specific brand they recommend?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

So Many New Adventures at once!!!

Scott and I have so many new life adventures!!! Within two and a half weeks of each other, our life began to change...

February 6th: Scott started his new job as a server at Macaroni Grill! Yay! Having Scott go to school full time while trying to work full time was stressing me out, so, we made a mutual decision for him to get a serving job where he would be able to work less hours, while averaging more an hour to balance things out. And as of right now, he is loving it! He is such an amiable guy, I have gone in a couple of times already to sit in his section. and I just watch him, and his tables. He makes them laugh and I can tell the girls have a crush on him. Their faces brighten up every time he goes to the table:) And that's when I feel proud that he is MY husband, and not theirs:) I love it! I love being married to him!

February 13th: Ok, well, actually, on the 12th, I realized I was still experiencing typical PMS symptoms, but I was late! So, I got home from work on the 12th, around midnight, and Scott says we have to go to the store right then and there to get a pregnancy test. We have had PLENTY of scares before, so I wasn't too freaked out about it, but I guess he was. So the morning of the 13th, we woke up and Scott gives me a friendly reminder to take my test. The box says you should have results within, what, 2 minutes? True, but mine was more like, 5 seconds. I hadn't even peed on the stick for the entire ten seconds when it was already showing...POSITIVE! Yay! We got hot chocolate and bagels for breakfast to celebrate:) We wanted to double check, so I woke up Valentines day and took another test, and of course, it said the same thing, so we broke the news to our family. Valentines weekend was wonderful!

February 18th: Scott turned 27! Man, I am married to an old man! Not really:) I was so excited for his birthday. 26 was a rough year for him. He had what we like to call a mid-midlife crisis. And if any of you know Scott, you know he loves John Denver. He loves 'Rocky Mountain High'...the first line says, 'He was born in the summer of his 27th year...' so even though he is one year OLDER, he feels YOUNGER. Thanks to Mr. Denver:)

February 22nd: My last day at the Provo Red Robin, my home sweet home for the past three years, off and on:) I miss them so much! I hope one day I can go back to all of the wonderful people in Provo, but if I do, I won't be a mixo anymore. Nope. I am officially a MIT (manager in training). And loving it! Now I get to commute 35 minutes to work everyday, up in Murray. But it is fun! Alot of hard work, but I am enjoying it. And they take care of me since they know I am pregnant. They are very understanding of me running off to relieve myself of morning sickness, and letting me eat whenever I need to. Not to mention the staff. They are great, not Provo team members, but nobody can beat them!

So, I guess I could have made this post easier by saying, Scott and I both switched jobs, or at least, positions, in the past month. Scott got one year older, and we are expecting our first little tike in the middle of October. We are so excited!