Saturday, July 2, 2011

Week with Scott

Scott was lucky enough to make it home in time to celebrate his first Father's Day. Yay! We had homemade snickerdoodles ready for him along with an adorable picture of Maddox framed. He didn't get home until late in the afternoon/early evening, so not too much happened on Sunday. Monday however, we headed to the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake. It was fun, but they didn't even have any zebras, lions, or bears! They did have a sphynx though...

Hanging out in his stroller

Checking out the dinosaur fossils

Riding a horse

His favorite animal...the giraffe

Probably because they had the same haircut and color

Our little family

Tuesday we relaxed all day and then had dinner at Texas Roadhouse, followed by s'mores up in the canyon. Maddox loved them!! But why wouldn't he? He already loves graham crackers and chocolate...the marshmallows made it even better:) I forgot my memory card so we didn't get any pictures.

Wednesday was spent at the pool eating snow cones, Thursday I had to work, so not much fun happened. Then Friday we went back up into the canyon with some friends and had more s'mores! We slept in Saturday and went to brunch at Hoppers....yum...then played Bacci ball with a friend. Sunday we went to church and then had a picnic in the park. I'm sad I kept forgetting my camera! But Scott and Maddox had a blast together. Maddox preferred Scott over me all week.

Well, my poor sick baby is crying. I better go get him. Maybe we'll get a chance to blog some more this month. Wish us luck!