Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Place

So, I know a few people who said they wanted to see pictures of our new apartment. I didn't get pictures of the two bedrooms, but I got the rest before we moved in.

The living/family room with beautiful windows and vaulted ceilings.

The CLEAN kitchen with a beautiful view of Mount Timpanogos and a fridge with an ice maker:)

The dining area with a pantry...

The hallway with Maddox's room at the far end, the bathroom and lots of cupboard space.

The other side of the hallway with the Master bedroom and the laundry closet.

Well, it is nice to be in a nice, clean place that isn't falling apart. We love it! And we are getting settled so it is even better. I love having a new start. We even decided to move Maddox into his own crib in his very own room. Tonight is the first night, so far so good!

For Mom and Sarah

This is for my mom and Sarah. They love reading the blog every morning and seeing the cute pictures we have taken of Maddox.

He wasn't very happy, but I don't have too many pictures of the two of us, so I took one anyway.

Maddox gave Scott an early Christmas present...Call of Duty Black Ops. Maddox had the biggest grin on his face handing over the present.

My sweetie wearing the sweet Columbia jacket his Aunt Anna found for him.

Maddox loves this outfit from his great grandmother. It even has a puppy on the bum.

A picture if the two of us before my first day back to work.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


I'm a slacker. Maddox's 2 month stats are as follows:

Weight: 12.5 pounds, 50th percentile
Height: 23.5 inches, 50th percentile

He is just an average baby. Not too big. Not too small. Just right:) And perfect.

Our move in date got pushed back. We were supposed to move today, now we will be moving next Thursday. I'm excited for our new place!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Two Months

I can't believe Maddox is already two months old!! He has his two month doctor appointment next week, so we will get stat updates then, but I still took a couple of pictures on the actual day. He has been so smiley lately. I love it! he is just too cute. He loves to snuggle his mom and take showers with dad. He loves milk from mom and the bottle and has recently decided if he can't get the binky back in his mouth on his own, he is perfectly happy sucking on his hand, or a few fingers. Night times are fun and going much better. Maddox will fall asleep between eleven and midnight and will sleep for a good five to six hours before needing to eat. When he does finally wake up to eat, he eats for only five to ten minutes, before falling asleep for another three hours. It is marvelous. I feel so rested these days.

On another note, I am returning to work tomorrow. Sad day. But I will only be working three days instead of five. And I won't have to drive fourty minutes anymore! Only a quick ten minute drive. Yay! I'm excited about that, but I will miss the people up in Murray. I loved working with them!

Next week, we are moving to our new apartment and we couldn't be more excited. Plumbing that works. Nice, new hickory cupboards instead of thirty year old smelly ones. A pantry. New neighbors that are more like us, young married couples with young kids instead of the ghetto ones we live next to now. Yay! I could keep going. But I'll stop. I'll take pictures before we move everything in so you can see how great it will be. Well, here are a few smiling shots of the little tike. He is snuggled up in a BYU blanket smiling up at his mom and pop. He loves attention:)

I almost forgot! We met up with our friend Katie last night on Maddox's two month birthday. She has met him several times, but this is the first time to actually hold him. And he loved her! Especially the shiny earrings:)