Thursday, February 26, 2009


It seems like everyone is sick right now. I am STILL trying to get over whooping cough and the cold I got somewhere along the way. Have you ever noticed when you're sick that the only way to get better is to actually shower and get out? Taking it easy seems to keep you down. Or at least that is how I feel. But the weather has been so nice here in good ol' Provo, that I decided I needed to get some fresh air to help improve me health. I packed a wonderful sack lunch which consisted of a pb&j, doritos, an orange, powerade, and a nutrigrain bar. Yummy:) I brought a book and headed to the park. I guess everyone else had the same idea as me because the park was packed!!! I kept driving. I'm not sure that I had a definite plan, but I ended up at the Y Mount trailhead. I didn't plan on going all the way up since I have been somewhat down. But I still called Scott to make sure he knew where I was just in case something happened, liking spraining my ankle, or getting lost on a very obvious trail:)

*A Side note....a few years ago, I believe 4, maybe less, there was a story in the local newpaper about a freshman boy who went to hike the Y on his own. He got lost. Search and Rescue found him at the top of the mountain a few days later. How does someone get lost on a trail like that??? It is so well marked, it has a sign at every turn to tell you where you are. and it has benches along the way. I don't know how someone could get lost on such a simple trail...

Anyway, I told Scott just in case. I was planning on going until I couldn't go anymore. I figured it wouldn't be that far since I was just trying to get some of my strength back. But an hour later, I was sitting on top of the giant Y! It was beautiful! It was just about sunset, so the sky was gorgeous, especially reflecting off of Utah Lake, and I could see farther south (and north) then I thought I would be able to. It is amazing how different a view can be from just a little mile up the side of a mountain. It made my day:) and now I can hardly wait for summer to come around so we can enjoy the outdoors even more than normal!! Yay for spring and summer! They are almost here!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Scott's birthday!

Yesterday was Scott's birthday! He is now 26 years old. He was kind of afraid for his birthday, he didn't want to feel too old, so we had to make it a good day so he will actually look forward to his next birthday. We had success! It was a good day.

We started by sleeping in. This felt amazing since we are both still a little under the weather. Then Scott opened his birthday presents....while still lying in bed. He loved them all! he got a new day pack to go hiking, a sweet new rain jacket, the new Shiny Toy Guns cd Season of Poison, and some new camp chairs. I loved seeing him so excited about his new toys!

Then we got ready for the day and went to IHOP for breakfast. Scott loves waffles, but we were out of eggs to make them at our own house. So, IHOP it was. But it was delicious! Scott got stuffed french toast and I got cinnamon swirl french toast. It was amazing! They actually take cinnamon rolls, dip it in eggs, then fry it like french toast. Delicious:)

Our next stop was our favorite outdoor store, Out N Back, where I found Scott's rain jacket. It was a little too big, so we went to exchange it for a smaller size. Luckily they had one! We love this store because they always take awesome care of us, or every customer for that matter. They gave me an awesome deal on the jacket, 50% off! That's alot when you get a quality jacket! We love that store!

After leaving Out N Back, we headed to the Quarry, an indoor climbing gym. This gym is amazing! There are tons of walls and routes to climb. They have some for every level of climber AND they are always changing out the routes so you don't get sick of the same ones! Plus, they have a bouldering area upstairs. We went in and started with some easier climbs to get warmed up. Unfortunately, I clipped my finger in the carabiner and got a nasty blood blister. We put a bandaid on it, but my finger was sliding around everywhere. I eventually took it off and had much more success:) Scott ripped it up! The ratings are ranked by numbers always following a 5. Such as 5 5, 5 6, 5 10, 5 11, and so on. The highest ranking they have at the Quarry is a 5 13, which is ridiculous! That ranking is very very difficult. The good people there are typically climbing a 5 11c or so. And my baby was up there too! He did awesome on a 5 11b! I was so proud of him! To take a break from the longer climbs, we bouldered for a few minutes. For those of you who don't know the difference, rock climbing includes ropes, harnesses, and longer routes. Bouldering is done withOUT ropes and harnesses, but it is also done on smaller boulders. I usually have a hard time bouldering because I don't want to fall. But Scott gave me a confidence boost and I was able to make it too the top of several routes!!! After several hours of climbing, we were pooped.

We headed home and took a nap. We love naps. They re energize us like nothing else. We slept for about 40 minutes, then freshened up to go to Yamato, a Japanese steakhouse, for dinner. It was wonderful food too! They have many seating/dining options. They have the large Tepanyakis for people to sit at so they can watch the chef cook right in front of them! They also have small tepanyakis at individual tables so you can cook your own meat. But we settled for just a booth, where they cook the food in the back and bring it out to us. The booth was still fun though. You have to climb in and place your feet in the hole below the table. It made the experience more authentic:) The food was amazing. They brought out steamed soy beans to snack on while we waited for the rest of our food. Everything was so good! From the miso soup to the Bul Go Gi to the Chicken Katsu. We decided we need to go there more often:)

After dinner, we stopped by Blockbuster and rented two movies, then went to Albertson's to get some oreos and milk....our guilty pleasure:) We went home, ate our sweet snack while we watched BOTH movies. After our snacks, we brushed and flossed our teeth, and began a whitening treatment. In school last semester, I made Scott and I each a pair of whitening trays. This was back in November, but we kept forgetting to use them, so we started last night. We hope we get good results! We finally decided to go to bed after both movies were over. So, we each took our medicine for the go along with the bronchitis scott had last month and the whooping cough I am still trying to get over, we both caught the common cold. It is miserable, but we used nasal spray, niquil, and vitamins so we could sleep a little better:) But at the end of such a wonderful day, who couldn't sleep? It was a long, fun, amazing day. And I hope Scott enjoyed it as much as I did.

Happy Happy Birthday Scott! I love you!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Answer...

So, I finally went to the doctor today. I have been taking cough medicine and tylenol, and a few other things to get this dang cough and fever to go away. But I had no success. So I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with....WHOOPING COUGH!!!! I had no idea people still got that. But apparently it is so highly contagious that everyone I live with would have to get antibiotics before they got it. Luckily Scott just finished his z-pack:) But now I am stuck doing nothing for 5 days. Any idea of something fun to do by myself while I am stuck at home?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Four Days Later...

So, four days after my job interview, I have stopped throwing up, but am still running a fever and coughing like Scott was when he had bronchitis last month. oh well. Life is good. I get to watch all the TLC I want:) Not to mention all the sleep I want!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Job Interview

I woke up super early this morning to go to a working job interview. I even set out my scrubs the night before! I was very excited about going. I studied my butt off last night, reviewing everything we had gone over in my dental assisting class. I was feeling pretty good about myself. I didn't struggle getting out of bed this morning! I showered and even ate breakfast!

I show up at the office, and chatted with the girls that work there, waiting for the dentist to come in for the day. The girls showed me around and pointed things out for me. One of them even let me borrow her lab coat! As I was standing in the operatory, helping the assistant with the first patient of the day, I began to have hot flashes. I thought it was because it was pretty warm in the building. Nope. I had to run to the rest room clear down the hallway to puke up my breakfast!

I felt a little better, so I went back to the patients room. Helped out for about five more minutes, then started to sweat pretty bad. Not a good sign right after I had just thrown up. So I ran back to the rest room and threw up again! I rinsed out my mouth (luckily the dentist has mouthwash:) ) and went back to the room again. They asked if everything was ok. And of course I said yes. I was at a work interview! For a job I really really want!!! How could this happen at such an important time?

Unfortunately, it happened again, about five minutes later. They told me to go home. I made sure to set up another interview so they knew I really wanted this job. Now, I am stuck waiting a few more days of not knowing what is going to happen to this job. AND I get stuck washing the lab coat I borrowed from Ruth. How embarrassing and frustrating. So, I am going to go rest some more (after the 5 hour nap I just took...) so I can get feeling better. I have to train a new girl at red robin this week, while stressing out, I mean wondering, about this dental assisting job. But I still have hope that they will hire me!