Sunday, May 22, 2011

Last of the Pictures

Here are the last of our pictures from our South Carolina trip. Michelle and her girls left on Monday and Anna and I left on Tuesday with our babies. James and William were back in school. With a hectic last couple of days, we hung around the house, outside, went on a walk, made dinner and just hung out. Not too much, but somehow we still managed to get a ton of pictures:)

Cousins playing together

Mom cuddling baby JJ

Trying to drink my Kool-Aid

Playing outside

Anna and JJ playing outside

Enjoying the warm sun

Cute kid

Love that smile

Playing with bubbles

Taking a stroll around the neighborhood

Walking the block

He always falls asleep on our walks

JJ's first time in a highchair

My dad and my baby

Pretty Sarah

William, Anna, and James stole my camera and took these next set of pictures

The morning we left. Mom loves her grandchildren

Waking up early to say goodbye to the kids before they left for school

Saying bye to William

William, Maddox, Me, JJ, James

This one is a little better

Now we added Anna

They must be related...scratching their heads the same way like that

Anna loves her baby

Sarah and Maddox in the airport

He loves smiling! And being a big boy in his big chair

He seriously does not stop smiling. He loves his grandma!

Maddox's first lollipop, a butterscotch dum dum, provided by the flight attendant. He was in heaven
Sorry this post was just a bunch of pictures. Not too much happened the last few days since we were all scattered doing different things. But we still had fun. Thanks for the great trip!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was fun. The family let Maddox and I sleep in, but they took pictures of the Easter egg hunt and the baskets the Easter Bunny left for us.

As tradition, we make Eggs Golden Rod for breakfast on Easter Sunday with the Hard Boiled Eggs the Easter Bunny leaves for us. Here is Maddox playing with his toys from the Easter Bunny at breakfast.

Anna and JJ with JJ's first Easter basket

Maddox in his Easter best.
After breakfast, we went to church and enjoyed many lessons about our Savior. I love church on Sundays and all of the lessons that are taught. Here are Michelle and her girls after church.

Anna and JJ in their new Easter outfits.

Maddox and I in our new Easter outfits.

After church, we had a big feast with ham, prime rib, home-made green bean casserole, rolls, cake, fruit salad, punch, and so much more. It was so delicious! And we had such great company. Friends and nearby family came over for our feast. It was fun to see and catch up with some cousins and friends that live so far away. Oh, I love the holidays, especially when I get to spend them with my family.