Sunday, May 8, 2011

South Carolina Dreamin'

My cute boy helping me pack for our trip.

Have you ever been to South Carolina? If you haven't, you should definitely go. It is beautiful!! And so much fun. Plus my parents live there, and we always have fun when we are all together. Back in the middle of April, Maddox and I were able to fly out to SC to visit the family. Maddox is amazing when he flies. He slept three of our four flights, and played the last one with everyone seated around us. Anyway...on our flight out, my sister Anna, and her baby JJ, hopped on our plane in Chicago and the boys had so much fun together! They couldn't stop smiling at one another, while they were awake that is. It was adorable.

Little Joshua James

Me and Maddox

Anna and JJ

The first two days were full of traveling. By the end of the first day, Maddox was done with traveling. He screamed the entire car ride, from the airport to dinner.

Payton, trying to block out Maddox's screams.

After getting settled in that night and getting plenty of rest(thanks William for letting Maddox and I stay in your room while we were there!), we woke up and packed up the cars to head to Myrtle Beach for a few days.

Payton, Madison, Maddox and James

Maddox loved my moms three dogs. He couldn't get enough of them!

Our first stop in Myrtle Beach was at Medieval Times. Pretty tasty food, good entertainment, and great company. We had a blast! Too bad the Blue Knight did not win:(

William and Michelle

Maddox and my Mom

Maddox enjoying the show with his stuffed dragon

JJ, Anna, and Sarah

James and Payton with the rose the Blue Knight tossed to her

Madison and Michelle

Dad and Mom

Me and William

Me and baby JJ

Anna and JJ

Me and Maddox

Maddox playing with his crown and dragon

After our dinner show, we headed to our hotel to get situated. Then...a walk to the ice cream parlor!

Maddox all loaded up in his Moby Wrap

Some of the gang

Mom giving her grandson some ice cream. He loves it

Miss Payton

And that folks, was our busy two days of traveling. And the start of our South Carolina adventure.


Briana said...

that's so nice that you and anna were able to catch up on your flights. much nicer to travel with someone.

that picture of payton covering her ears in the car next to maddox CRACKS. ME. UP. :)