Monday, May 9, 2011

The Day After the Traveling...aka...THE BEACH!

My parents brought us to Myrtle Beach. The weather was warm, the ocean was warm (to some of us), and the sun was shining. It was a beautiful day. We had gone out for a delicious breakfast, then did a little swimsuit shopping since a few forgot swimsuits, swim shorts, cover-ups, hats, cabanas for the babies, and beach towels. The weather was supposed to be cooler so we were unsure if we would be swimming. But it was so gorgeous we couldn't resist!

My sweet, chubby Maddox in his new beach hat.

Payton, Michelle, and her baby boy bump.

William, and James in the background.

Anna helping JJ with his first dip into the ocean.

Maddox's first dip in the Atlantic Ocean.

So tired and cuddly.

William pushing Sarah in the sweet beach wheelchair we were able to rent for her.

He loved watching the water but didn't really want to get in.

Michelle and her girls.

Payton, William, Maddox, Me, Michelle, Dad, Sarah, and Madison.

James, heading out for a swim.

Relaxing and napping by the pool.

Hanging by the pool.

Adorable little JJ

The sweet sandcastle built by James, Madison, and Payton? I'm not sure...

The final touch...a skinboard as decor.

Michelle brought Sarah and Maddox on a walk.

Payton, Anna, Madison, and I buried William.

Some of the gang having fun.

Payton, Madison, and James with their sandcastle.

The whole picture.

William after he got out of the sand.

Madison doing a little boogie boarding.

Cute Sarah.

We had several boogie boards and a skin board with us, so we took turns trying them out. Unfortunately, we only got two short films of James skin boarding before my camera battery ran out. So here they are!

That night we went to a seafood buffet for dinner. We were trying to go to Landry's, but it was a super long wait for our large party. Oh well. Maybe next time:) We also got some Krispy Kreme doughnuts for breakfast the next morning. After we were all clean and packed up to head home, we decided to swing by the aquarium. That was also a long wait and with a pregnant lady and another one nursing, we decided to just eat lunch, swing by the outlet mall and then head home. We stopped for lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. It was fun seeing Mom and Dad reminiscing about the music they used to listen to growing up. And the chocolate milk shake was delicious! The outlet mall was a quick stop too...but don't worry, a lot of shopping still got done. Thanks Mom and Dad!! Maddox's new raincoat came in handy today. Since we had driven out in two seperate cars, one car went straight home and my car stopped by a gun store in Columbia. My dad likes to reload his ammo, so we had to get some new supplies. It was a nice trip and I can't wait to go to Myrtle Beach again!

Since we were in South Carolina for an entire week, I'll have to put up more posts at a later time. That'll take a few posts. And we had an eventful week at the Tulip Festival, the park up in Provo Canyon, and on a little nature walk in Payson Canyon. I'll have to write about those sometime soon, but it might not be until Maddox and I get back in town next week. We're heading out to SC again on Wednesday. Yay!! We can't wait!


Briana said...

sounds like such a FUN trip! i love visiting family.

hooray for michelle having a boy!! did i call it or did i call it? :) maddox looks adorable in his beach hat, j.j. is also dashing, and your brothers are huge and so grown up!!

have fun on your trip!