Thursday, February 26, 2009


It seems like everyone is sick right now. I am STILL trying to get over whooping cough and the cold I got somewhere along the way. Have you ever noticed when you're sick that the only way to get better is to actually shower and get out? Taking it easy seems to keep you down. Or at least that is how I feel. But the weather has been so nice here in good ol' Provo, that I decided I needed to get some fresh air to help improve me health. I packed a wonderful sack lunch which consisted of a pb&j, doritos, an orange, powerade, and a nutrigrain bar. Yummy:) I brought a book and headed to the park. I guess everyone else had the same idea as me because the park was packed!!! I kept driving. I'm not sure that I had a definite plan, but I ended up at the Y Mount trailhead. I didn't plan on going all the way up since I have been somewhat down. But I still called Scott to make sure he knew where I was just in case something happened, liking spraining my ankle, or getting lost on a very obvious trail:)

*A Side note....a few years ago, I believe 4, maybe less, there was a story in the local newpaper about a freshman boy who went to hike the Y on his own. He got lost. Search and Rescue found him at the top of the mountain a few days later. How does someone get lost on a trail like that??? It is so well marked, it has a sign at every turn to tell you where you are. and it has benches along the way. I don't know how someone could get lost on such a simple trail...

Anyway, I told Scott just in case. I was planning on going until I couldn't go anymore. I figured it wouldn't be that far since I was just trying to get some of my strength back. But an hour later, I was sitting on top of the giant Y! It was beautiful! It was just about sunset, so the sky was gorgeous, especially reflecting off of Utah Lake, and I could see farther south (and north) then I thought I would be able to. It is amazing how different a view can be from just a little mile up the side of a mountain. It made my day:) and now I can hardly wait for summer to come around so we can enjoy the outdoors even more than normal!! Yay for spring and summer! They are almost here!


Briana said...

Finally! I've been trying for a while to comment on your blog, but the page was being funny and wouldn't let me.

Anyways... I know! Isn't it so exciting that Spring is finally coming - Spring in Utah is gorgeous! Sounds like you had a fun hike. Hopefully you get all recovered soon!

Lindsay said...

Dude! You are insane! Get some sleep!

No, I feel you- showering and getting out is really helpful. But hiking the Y? You amaze me. =)