Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Answer...

So, I finally went to the doctor today. I have been taking cough medicine and tylenol, and a few other things to get this dang cough and fever to go away. But I had no success. So I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with....WHOOPING COUGH!!!! I had no idea people still got that. But apparently it is so highly contagious that everyone I live with would have to get antibiotics before they got it. Luckily Scott just finished his z-pack:) But now I am stuck doing nothing for 5 days. Any idea of something fun to do by myself while I am stuck at home?


M-McClellan said...

1. Read a good book.
2. Are you strong enough to move around? I would organize. It always feels good to have everything in an orderly place.
4. You could also make something easy. The internet has great places where you can learn to crochet or make bows, etc.
5. cross stitch.

Sorry, most of my ideas sound like motherly ideas. I guess that is because I am a mother :)

Good luck! Feel better soon!

Lindsay said...

Feel better feel better feel better! I don't like to think about you sick at home!!