Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dogs, dogs, everywhere!!!

My parents have three dogs. Scott's parents have two dogs. My brother has two dogs. My friend Megan has two dogs. Our old neighbors in Utah were moving out of their place because they bought a dog. And now, living in Indiana, everyone in the apartment complex seems to have a dog!!! We have been wanting a dog for so long! But we always lived in a place that did not allow pets. Now that we are here, I really want to get one. But we will be moving to St. George at the end of August and would have to find a place that would allow a dog there. Should we get one now? Or should we wait until St. George??? We will probably end up with a German Shepherd

but we have also been looking at Akitas

and Black Mouth Curs

and Rottweilers

We want a big friendly dog that loves to play outside with us. What do y'all think? We'd love ideas of other dogs to look into. And should we get one now? or wait to make sure we are able to find a place in St. George? Is finding a place that allows dogs really that difficult?


Megan & Ben Smith said...

I would strongly recommend a dog like my little Miley. She is so fun, lots of energy, and great with kids. She's little enough that they aren't afraid of her, and that we can control her, but spunky enough that the kids love to play with her. After seeing someone at the vet with a huge dog, I'm glad we went little. Their kids kept pushing the big dog off of them. I'd also wait until St. George. The last thing you want to do is get attatched to a new family member, and then for some awful reason, have to get rid of it. Also, go with a girl. EVERY pet owner I've talked to says boys are a bad idea.

Sorry that was so long!

Lindsay said...

You are so CUTE!! I don't have time to read your blog right now! It's like, 8 million posts long! Dang it. Okay, I'll be back. I can't wait to read it all!

Joe n' Shay said...

I don't have advise for when to get a dog, I have been dying for a dog too.We are waiting until we have more permanent housing to add a dog to our family. My vote is for a Rottweiler, Joseph loves them. They are pretty too!

M-McClellan said...

I am not one to comment. I am so not a dog person. I take that back, I am so not an animal person. I really want to get rid of the fish we have. Any takers?! (just kidding about the fish, the girls would kill me)

Lafingkids said...

I would definitely wait until you get to St. George. Moving is hard enough without having to worry about hotels and finding a place to live that lets you have pets.

I also like Australian Shepherds. They are so smart!!! Of course Grandpa and Uncle John LOVE German Shepherds. Good luck.

Miller Time said...

DONT GET A DOG!!!!! We got one just barely bc I was lonely and it is not the fun I thought it would be. It's like having a baby. I have to take it out like 3 times during the middle of the night. I haven't had sleep in like a week. :(

The Copelands said...

Ok, for those of you who might actually read this:) We decided to wait until St. George to get a dog. We will probably get a German Shepherd, Malamute, or Akita. We want a large dog that can handle our backpacking adventures(not to mention that the bigger they are, the more they can they can help with water and food). And we know they are alot of work, like babies:) But, like babies, it is worth it after a couple of years when they are more calm and are capable of having fun.

Scott didn't originally like the look of akitas, but he met a lady today who has three of them and he liked them more than he thought he would! Yay!!! We'll see. We'll let y'all know when September rolls around what we finally end up getting. But for now, we will work hard so we can afford school, a dog, and whatever else that comes along:) Thanks for your opinions guys!!!

Nguyen Dien said...

oh I like dogs. I'm from Viet Nam. Nice to meet you!