Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Frog Hunting

I had a wonderful weekend with my sisters in California, but I forgot to put the memory card back in my camera before I left, so I don't have pictures! I would rather post something about our fun time together when I get copies from my sisters:)

So, for now, I will talk about the fun night Scott and I had. We both got home from work around 9PM. While I was out of town, Scott purchased a catch FROGS!!! As soon as we got home, we changed our clothes, and shoes...we didn't want to get our good shoes muddy...grabbed our headlamp, flashlight, camera, and net and headed to the pond next to our apartment. Scott got the idea in the middle of the night after constantly waking up to the noisy bullfrogs. Anyway, we headed out, geared up and ready to catch some frogs. It is so hard to spot them at night! We would shine the light until we spotted one, then hold it there to blind them while the other person with the net jumped at it to catch it. And it worked!!! Three times! We were out for about an hour and a half, and successfully put three in the same box. We caught about 5 more, but they all escaped:( oh well. Three was good enough for us! Have you ever tried putting a frog in a box after there was already a frog in it? Its tough. They are all jumping everywhere! They all escaped, but we made sure we weren't near the pond so we were able to get them all back in the box. It was a fun little adventure. Can't wait to do it again!!! Here are some pictures:)

The first one we caught, while trying to put it in the box.

Me with the frog I caught.

Scott with the massive fat toad he caught.

That thing was so fat and lazy, it could hardly jump. Poor guy.

Our success!!!

Scott and our frogs.

Me with our frogs.

Setting the frogs free.



Briana said...

Haha! You guys are so funny! I love it! Sounds like a fun adventure - do those frogs making noise at night remind you of drum major camp? ;)

Briana said...

Hey Em, we lost our phone and had to get a new one and so I lost everyone's numbers. Could you e-mail me your number? And if you happen to have them, I'm looking for Jen Bowman's and Britt's number, too because I'm trying to throw a baby shower for Jen. Wish you were here!! :( Thanks!

Kristi Gardner said...

I can't help but be bored with out you to do stuff with! :) We have to get together when we get back to good ole Utah! Miss ya!

THM said...

Haha I bet that toad wouldn't have stayed in that bandana if you hung one in our car again! Miss you guys. Let's please go on a trip soon!!!