Monday, May 11, 2009

Ocean World...also known as our Saturday in the DR

We had a blast at Paradise Island on Friday, and just as much fun at Ocean World on Saturday. which was kind of surprising. Scott didn't really want to go at first, but I convinced them because it would give us something to do, and we got 60 dollar tickets for free. But of course we slept in before we headed out for the afternoon. We loved all of the rest we got on this trip! We're lucky we got it before our rough week that followed. oh yeah! Back to Ocean World. It is the Dominican's version of our Sea was fun! We started off by going to the shark show! Scott said they were just gummer sharks, but I didn't care. I still thought they were cool. The pet trainers entertained us with facts and shark jokes for an entire 30 minutes:)

After the shark show, we headed down to check out the dolphins! People are able to pay extra to swim with the dolphins, but we didn't have an extra $300 for the two of us:) So we just watched instead. It was fun! Rather than sitting in an auditorium, you stand on a pier with the dolphins swimming directly underneath you. One dolphin in particular, was hanging out by Scott and I. He would talk to us and was playing with us. Then one of the animal trainers threw him a ball, so he got distracted playing basketball!

From here, we went to the Tiger Grotto...It was a cave like swimming pool with tigers swimming in it! We swam on one side of a wall of glass, and the tigers were on the other side. And probably hungry too. They were pacing back and forth near Scott:)

After our swim with the tigers, we headed towards the bird sanctuary. They had Macaws, parrots, toucans, and love birds. They were so pretty! The first cages with the macaws, parrots and toucans, were cool but the birds wouldn't get near humans. But in the love bird cage, they attacked us! It was fun. They sat on us, ate food right out of our hands, even tried to steal our sunglasses!

We then went to watch a sea lion show, and a bird show before our shuttle came to They would have two people from the audience pick to different numbers. Then the animal trainer would hold up the two different numbers. So the first number was 7, so the trainer showed 7 fingers. The next number was 5, so 5 fingers were held up. Then the parrot walked over to a bell and rang it 12 times! It was sweet! Ocean world was a lot of fun. It was a great day.


Briana said...

That tiger picture looks crazy - Scott looks like he's going to get eaten! And that bird cage sounds so cool! And snorkeling!!! It looks beautiful! Eric is dying of jealousy - he wants to go snorkeling so, so bad. You know, the whole salt water aquarium thing ;)

The Copelands said...

I can only imagine...:) He does love his birds and his salt water tanks. I think y'all would have so much fun snorkeling!

Ryan and Shell said...

Scott looks terrified next to that tiger! It looks like you guys had sooo much fun!