Monday, May 11, 2009

Last One!!!

Ok, so I know I have already written FOUR, yes, four posts today, but this is the last one about our wonderful trip! So, make sure to look at the other ones too! They will probably be more entertaining than this one, although this one will still be fun for me to write:) Sunday was our last full day in the Dominican Republic, so we decided to rest as much as possible this day. We had already had way too much fun in the past few days, so we just slept in, then laid on the beach, by the pool, and anywhere we could find. Here is Scott looking oh so good.

These guys were snorkeling and caught an octopus!

The bay, the beach, the ocean.

Scott and I sunbathing on the beach.

Getting a dominican massage.

The dog that napped under my chair.

One of the many sand crabs we saw on the beach.

Scott and I on the beach.

I missed rock climbing in I climbed a prickly tree instead.

A pretty cool tree.

Scott and I waiting for the shuttle to pick us up to catch our flight home to Utah.

Scott and I had a blast in the Dominican Republic. We would recommend this trip to anybody and everybody! There is tons of stuff to do if you want adventure and entertainment, or plenty of space to just relax. We loved our time there and can't wait to bring our own family back some day!


Briana said...

Awesome posts - very well documented! It all looks so wonderful! How cool that you guys got to go! (I'm not jealous...) :)

We miss you guys! Come back quick! :) It's just for the summer right? How is everything going there? Have you found a job?

The Copelands said...

We miss y'all too! Yeah, this is just for the summer, but I think we are just going to move to St. George when we get back...but at least we'll be in the same state! And yup! I was going to transfer Red Robins to make it a little easier, but...don't be jealous...there was a Chili's about 25 minutes closer to our house, so I got a job there! Yay for all the chips and salsa we could possibly imagine:)

Briana said...

Chili's!!! Way to go Emily! That is highly awesome! I'm glad that you can enjoy chips and salsa to your hearts content. :) Maybe now you can test a theory that I have that you can never ever get sick of Chili's chips and salsa. :) We'll see, I guess....

Hope all goes well for you guys! St. George would be fun - especially since you guys like to camp and hike so much. Keep us posted about how things are going!

Megan & Ben Smith said...

Nice nipple shot of Scott! I'm so glad that you guys had fun!