Monday, May 11, 2009

Our first full day in Puerto Plata

We were so excited for this trip because we are always on the go, but were finally able to RELAX....I forgot how good that felt! We slept in the first full day we had there....which was...thursday. We grabbed breakfast and headed to the beach to do some swimming in the Caribbean Sea. It was definitely salty, but so much fun! It didn't get too deep very fast, so we were able to go out a ways.

After playing in the sea for awhile, we decided to find something to drink. We found the beach bar and grabbed some pineapple juice. While sucking that down, the employees of the resort grabbed Scott to play a game. The staff was very good at getting people together to interact. So, in this game, they had the contestants chug some juice (I don't remember if it was guava or passion fruit), then spin around a bottle 10 times, then run to a chair. Here is Scott playing his game. He won! He had the fastest time!

His prize was a coconut. So we drank the milk, then ate up the inside.

Right as we were trying to escape from the last game, they pulled Scott back to play another game! They were having a dance competition. And for those of you who know Scott, he is a great dancer:) They set ME in a chair and made him dance around me, I couldn't help but laugh! But....Scott won again!!! The crowds were loving him! And i can see why. Scott is simply put, awesome:)

We finished the day, laying out some more, by the pool and the beach, reading our books, swimming, eating, and just having fun. It was a blast. Very relaxing. Just what we needed.