Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Scott and I got back yesterday from our wonderful trip to the Dominican Republic. We will have to blog about that some other time though. Probably next week... We decided the day before we left on vacation that we are moving just outside of Chicago for the summer. And we are moving on Friday. Yikes!!! Only three days to pack and clean up the house we are currently renting before we leave! Scott found a summer job, which is awesome since he was tired of his current job. And I am fortunate(I guess...) to be able to transfer Red Robins. I think I'll start there, but try to find something else out there. I'm a little tired of the restaurant gig. But for now, we are off to do more packing and cleaning in the little time we have. Wish us luck!!!


Ivy said...

goodness! you two are aways on the go! when you know your new summer address can you send it to me via facebook pretty please?!

<3 xoxox

Briana said...

holy cow!!! Chicago!? You can't move that far away! It better be just for the summer :)

Good luck with the whirlwind move and packing and such - it'll be an adventure. What job did Scott find? How did he find one so far away?

And I can't wait to hear about the DR! It looks gorgeous!

Amy said...

Em that is so exciting! Chicago isn't that far from Kansas City it would be so fun if we could get together somehow, someway!! Good luck with the fun fast packing!