Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our week at a glance....

First off, Scott and I are STOKED about our upcoming trip. Only one week away! But in the week preparing for the Dominican Republic, Scott got sick:( He got a really really bad case of food poisoning. The doc said it was probably from some fruit he ate. Either way, he was miserable until he went to the doctor and got medicine to help with his stomach cramps and what not. He found out he lost 15 pounds in four days. He thinks his body is now officially in shape for our trip:) Boys.

We also went shopping! We found new swimsuits, I got a dress and new sandals, and Scott found a couple of shirts to wear while we are down there!

Scott has been searching for a new job to hopefully start when we get back into town. Wish us luck with that one.

And...we have been working as much as we possibly can so we can have some extra spending money:) Other than that, we are staying busy trying to clean our house so it's not an absolute mess when we get back. And hitting up the gym, and watching as many movies as possible since we probably won't be watching movies in Puerto Plata. But who knows! Maybe we will.


Briana said...

15 pounds in 4 days??? Holy cow! That must be a new record! Good thing he's still alive :)

I didn't know Scott was looking for work... we were wondering how you were finding time for so many trips/vacations :) What happened with his old job? What kind of new work is he looking for?

So exciting about the DR!!! Take lots of pictures! I want to see everything!

Megan & Ben Smith said...

15 pounds in 4 days! Not fair! If I'd have known... I would've tried to catch it or something! :) So excited for your trip, and mine. I want to make some extra cash too, but unfortunatly... you know!

Ivy said...

your poor husband! ah!

have fun on your trip! how exciting! are you guys going there just to visit?

The Copelands said...

Briana: Scott is still at his current job, but they have been changing their policies over the past few months so he is wanting to quit. And he isn't quite sure what he is looking for. Either a hospital, sales, or as a driver for a company like coke or something. He has his Commercial Drivers License, but is good at sales, and needs experience in a hospital:)

Megan: I hope your back is feeling better! I hope finals aren't killing you:) And you don't need to lose that much weight, so don't get sick!

Ivy: yup! we are going just for fun! Scott said we needed a romantic get away, compared to all of the camping that we do:)