Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mobile Uploads!

Last month, I believe, I said I needed to figure out how to get the pictures from my phone onto my computer. Well, I finally figured out how to do just that. I needed a micro sd. The usb cable I have for my phone will only allow my computer to read things externally from my phone, not from the internal memory. However, the card I bought came with an adapter, so I don't even need the usb cable. I can just plug the card directly into my computer! Yay!! So here are some pictures my blog has missed from the past year. I don't always have my camera around, and I like to have pictures on my phone to send to my mom:) So there are several pictures (try 103) on my phone that I wanted to send over here. You'll only see about 30 of them:) Sorry!! That's alot. And they are not in any real order. Just random...

Maddox FINALLY let me put a beanie on him. His expression says, 'Wanna mess wit me??'

Just a better picture of his manly outfit. Camo top, Columbia jacket, beanie.

He loves his puffy jacket. This is the wallpaper on my phone.

He loves playing on our bed.

Sucking his thumb.

Blurry, but I love the expression on his face!

Skulls and suspenders. He's growing up so fast!

Practicing sitting up. He stayed there for almost a minute!

He smiles in the mirror. Especially when the camera is out.

Trying to get inside the bubble.

First time meeting Uncle Bobby.

Hanging out with his dad. They send me pictures while I'm at work:)

Loving his jumper.

I think I was about six months here.

The picture I sent out via text when Maddox was born.

Our first night in the hospital. I held him all night long.

Scott and Maddox in the NICU.

Love his monster towel.

Aunt Anna getting in some practice before her baby gets here.

Smug shot after one of his baths.


Ivy said...

OH Em! HE IS JUST TOOOOO CUTE!!!! he looks EXACTLY like your dad!!! I just wanna snuggle him!! xoxoxo

Logan Family said...

What a cutie!

Briana said...

oh my, some of those huge smiles are just killing me!! i love those big open mouth smiles that make their whole face light up and their eyes twinkle. cute, cute boy!! and once again, i just can't get over how much he looks like a powell.