Sunday, February 20, 2011


Busy week!

Monday: Valentines Day. Work all day since we both work every Monday.

Tuesday: Baby sister Anna got induced. Scott studied, took a quiz. Waited to hear from Anna. Maddox and I wrote out the server and mixo schedules, attended a manager meeting. Waited some more to hear from Anna. Dropped Maddox off at Scott's parents house so the two of us could attend the Banff Mountain Film Festival. Finally heard from Anna. Baby Joshua James was born.

Example of a film we watched: Crossing the Ditch.

Wednesday: Deal with a cranky baby. Leave keys and wallet in Scotts car when I need them to meet a friend for lunch. Scott has class. Find spare keys, extra $10 at home. Meet friend for lunch. Run errands. Attend the Banff film festival second night.

Example of another film we watched: The Swiss Machine.

Thursday: Go to the mall to walk around since it is too cold outside. Scott takes a quiz and is at school all day studying. Maddox and I head in to work to enter the schedules into the computer. Buy Scott his birthday presents. Scott has work, but gets out early.

Friday: Happy 28th birthday to Scott! Give Scott his birthday presents, socks and shoes, before he heads to the gym. He has a lot of homework and school to get done. We go out for lunch to a burger joint. Check out Out'N'Back, Dinner at a Thai restaurant, birthday cake at home. Watch movies.

Saturday: Sleep in. Wake up sick. Call in sick to work after washing work clothes, trying to get ready. Take a three and a half hour family nap. Watch movies trying to get better.

Sunday: Sleep in. Make breakfast. Get all three of us ready and to church early. Scott works at night. Maddox and I eat dinner with a friend at Scott's restaurant after another family nap.

So, in retrospect, this week doesn't sound like it was that busy. But I swear, with a baby, everything takes ten times longer making everything seem so much busier!


Briana said...

amen, sistah! everything takes at least ten times longer with a baby. i think it gets worse with each additional kid - i (no joke) have to plan on starting to get out the door 1 hour before i'm supposed to be anywhere - in wintertime with the coats and blankets and such, it's just brutal. :) those days when eric is watching the girls and i get to run out by myself somewhere are like heaven. it's weird to just get yourself out of the car and run in somewhere quick! :)

yay for anna and sterling - i can't wait to see pictures of their little bebe!

and happy birthday to scott! eric is freaking out about 28 this year (again :)) - how did scott do? i think eric's just nervous about the looming 30. :)

Logan Family said...

Yay! I made it on to your blog. Yay, baby! Sorry we didn't update more. I'm sure mom probably did.

The Copelands said...

Anna: Yeah, I figured you were sleeping and such, so I kept bugging mom instead:)

Briana: Scott hated 26, but his theme song last year was John Denver's "Rocky Mountain High" cause it talks about a Man being born in his 27th year:) So, this year wasn't too bad. And he was terrified of the big 3-0 but now he says it is the new 25:) Eric will be totally fine!!

Lindsay said...

Girl, I feel you! Everything is harder with a baby! I'm glad you're feeling better!