Sunday, February 6, 2011


It's late and I need to get to bed. But I am unwinding from work and was reading MSN and need to let you all in on what I read. First, our dream cars for our current situation in life is a 4Door Jeep Rubicon and a Subaru WRX (preferably STI). Well, we have the WRX. Just not the Rubicon. Once we did buy a 4door Sahara, long story short, that one didn't work out. Anyway. Back to what I read. Now that you all know what we want, I was reading an article called best car couples or something like that. Here is the link.... If you look down at the last couple they list, it is the Rough Rider pair. It's us! Exactly what we want! It just made me smile. It'd be perfect. We could go on our outdoor adventures in the Rubicon and still fit my harp in the back seat. And who wouldn't want to race around town in an STI? After autocrossing, I would love to have one of those! And Scott would love to upgrade his car. Well, that's all. Just a quick thought that brought a smile to my tired face. Good night!


Logan Family said...

That's pretty funny! We didn't really match up with any of them in the article, but a WRX STI would be nice. We sat in one when we were looking at getting a Forester. Too bad we don't have an extra $35,000 or more to spend. :)