Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Experiences

Maddox has been experimenting with new things these past few days. He enjoys playing in his new activity jumper, loves the lights, the rattles, the music, the whole thing.

He also likes sitting in his highchair and watching us do our thing. I tried feeding him rice cereal. He opens his mouth for the spoon, but he doesn't quite understand how to eat off of it yet. He was kind of getting the hang of it towards the end. We'll keep trying over the next week, see how he is doing. Maybe he isn't quite ready or maybe he just needs to learn how to do it.

Before the feeding began.

After his first bite and not quite sure what to think.

Showing me that he is in control. He really wanted to feed himself.

Finally enjoying it.

All cleaned up afterwards.

Also in the past 24 hours, Maddox has rolled over four times! I didn't them on film, mainly because I was not there for any of them. Three were with his dad when I was at work last night and making his bottle this morning. The fourth was in his crib. He woke up crying at 6:30 this morning. When I went in to grab him, he had rolled over! Maybe he'll roll over more this week!


Briana said...

wow! he's growing up quick! are you just loving this phase? where he's starting to be entertained by toys and himself a little bit more? it just keeps getting better!

he is adorable, as usual! :)

Megan and Ben Smith said...

Oh my gosh! In one of the pictures I just saw Scott so much! He's getting so big.