Friday, January 28, 2011


My little buddy is HUGE these days. Or at least I think so. He rolls over on occasion, but not too often. He doesn't really laugh, but when he gets really excited, Maddox will coo VERY loudly, or make a whizzing noise, or some other sound. He loves to talk and make noise. He also is starting to reach out for things and put them in his mouth. Needless to say, several of my necklaces, my phone, the remotes and so many other things have been covered in baby slobber. Maddox drools so much! Like a Saint Bernard. He's too cute. He has his first cold right now. Although he had a rough first day with it, he is still his happy little self. He hangs out at the playroom at the gym while I work out and try to get rid of this baby fat. Everytime I pick him up, they rave about how good he was. Maddox will just sit in the swing, in the jumper or on their lap and he is happy as can be. He loves sucking on his thumb and fingers and prefers that over his binky now. Maddox even retired his 0-3 month clothes recently and moved on to bigger sizes. Did I mention that he holds onto his bottle and can sometimes even keep it there, feeding himself while I unload the dishwasher or vacuum the floor? He is great. and I love him. Look at what a big boy he is!