Friday, January 14, 2011

Late...but its here.

We had a nice quiet Christmas this year with just the 3 of us. Scott and I both worked on Christmas Eve when his family celebrates Christmas, so we decided to do our own little Christmas. It was great!

Let me back up. The Wednesday before Christmas, we went up to Salt Lake to see the lights at Temple Square .

Scott and Maddox crossing the street to get to Temple Square.

Me and Maddox enjoying the lights.

Our little family.

Maddox's amazed face. He loved the lights.

In front of the Nativity scene.

The boys in front of the Christus statue in the visitors center.

We loved sipping on our hot chocolate while walking around and looking at the beautiful scenery. We love visiting the temple. We love the holiday season. And we even got to meet Santa while we were there. We learned that he likes to autocross, or race cars. He had his SCCA sticker on his car:) Maybe one day I'll be able to convince Scott to let me bring our WRX out to the speedway to get in a few runs. It has been so long!

Sorry about that little tangent. On to our celebration. Maddox opened his first present ever from my brother Jason. He loves it!

Grabbing on to the wrapping paper.

A little skeptical about what was going on, but he caught on...

Taking his first glance at the bear.

It kind of looks like he was crying, but he was really smiling. He loved it!

Smiling again at his new stuffed bear.

They are about the same size. It's great!

Maddox still loves the bear. I let him play with it in his crib while I put away his laundry and he can't help but smile...and chew on his nose. He loves putting things in his mouth these days, especially his little hands.

Back to Christmas. After work Christmas Eve, we just kind of relaxed. I made peanut clusters to enjoy the next day. They are quick and easy to make so we weren't up too late. This was our third Christmas together, and we have not spent one with my family yet since they are so far away. So...we decided to do some of the traditions from my family this year, with just the three of us. We slept in on Christmas day. Until about 10 am. That was Maddox's Christmas present to us:) When we did finally get up, I began to make some hard boiled eggs to make a traditional family breakfast, Eggs Golden Rod. While the eggs were cooking, we opened a few presents.

A new play mat from his Grandma and Grandpa Copeland.

After presents (I got a new old fashioned rocking chair!), I finished making breakfast and we ate. It was the first time I have ever made it and it turned out great!

Right after breakfast, we began preparing our very own Christmas dinner, showered and got ready for the day. Maddox took a nap for us so we could cook all day in the kitchen.

Scott carving our first turkey.

Our first Christmas dinner with just the 3 of us. Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, rolls, apple cider, 2 pudding pies, and peanut clusters. It was delicious! And way too much for just the 2 of us.

It made a lot of dirty dishes.

After cleaning up, we took a nap, then had a couple of buddies over to help us eat the pie. Ryan, Scott's best buddy, even held Maddox for the first time!

After eating lots of food and getting in lots of relaxation, we ended our great first Christmas with just the 3 of us. Hope everyone else had a great Christmas too!


Ry and Heather said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun! Totally jealous! I won't lie - next year might be a 'stay at home' Christmas for us also! Can't wait to see you guys!

Logan Family said...

This was our fourth Christmas together and we haven't been to mom and dad's since our first (when they still lived in Kennewick.) Sterling says this year we will go. (We'll see. That's what he said last year.) Hopefully we can all go this next christmas! I love seeing pictures of Maddox. He is so cute!

Briana said...

you read my mind. :) i was JUST thinking about you and wondering what you guys ended up doing for Christmas. it looks like lots of fun! traditions are so fun. aren't quiet, stay at home Christmases so great sometimes?