Friday, January 14, 2011

Check It Out...The New Kid On The Block!!

Ever since we have moved into our new place about a month ago, Maddox has gained so many new admirers! He's a hit! All of the ladies love him and oogle at his undeniable cuteness. Maybe I am a little biased since he is my son, but I think he is the cutest thing ever! And here is proof:)

Playing with his moose pillow.

Trying to sit up on his own...this was awhile ago.

Sportin' his handsome Christmas/Church outfit from his Grandma.

Squeezing into a new outfit from his great-grandmother.

Watching his mobile.

Crying cause the mobile stopped.

Giving me my birthday present...a Nordstrom gift card.

Relaxing in his Boppy pillow.

See, I told you he is adorable! Also, I am trying to figure out a way to get all of the pictures on my phone onto the computer. I have so many cute ones on there!


Renae said...

Agreed. He is super adorable!

Ry and Heather said...

He is so cute! We cannot wait to meet him!!

Logan Family said...

That one of him on his boppy is great. It looks professionally done! He's so cute!

Briana said...

oh look how big and interactive he is getting! those smiles! i LOVE that first picture in the crib - he is gorgeous!

he is such a perfect mix of you and scott - i can see both of you in him.

i agree, he is one handsome fellow!

.husband and me. said...

he is the cutest!