Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hot and Bored

I can't believe it is only Wednesday! Already this week, our stupid ghetto swamp cooler melted its fuse, so we went without air for two days in the 90 degree and a half months pregnant.

My stomach decided to disagree with me, so I had to make a last minute doctors appointment to make sure everything was going alright. I went in on Tuesday, have to go back again on Friday.

AND with the thunderstorms that are rolling through Utah right now, our power went out. I came home from work early today, excited to relax and maybe get some stuff done. Nonetheless, I couldn't stand the hot humidity inside our house, with no fans and nothing to keep me entertained. So, I sat on our front porch, watching the storm while cooling down. At least that was relaxing! Not the same as the nap I was hoping for, but it'll do. Maybe I'll be able to sleep through the night without getting up to release this baby bladder! If only....

On the bright side, I will be 30 weeks on Friday! Also, a friend of mine had her baby today! Yay! On top of that. I have an awesome staff. Two girls at work brought me some baby boy clothes. I got 12 new outfits in two days:) One girl had a boy in May, but he already outgrew his 0-3 months clothing and half of them weren't even worn! The other girl is having her first baby, due Aug 13th. She is having a lovely girl, but got boy clothes from her baby shower. I am so lucky and blessed that they thought of me! Baby Boy is getting stocked up on his newborn outfits already!

The week may have started off a little rocky, but it should end well. I have tomorrow off, then a doctors appointment on friday(I like going to the Dr...) and our two year anniversary is on Sunday! Crazy how time flies. All I can say is that I am more in love with Scott now then I was two years ago. He's the best:)


Briana said...

Sorry about your swamp cooler - that seriously stinks! Ughh - this hot weather. Go away! These thunderstorms have been crazy, though.

Happy Anniversary to you guys!! :)

Briana said...

Hey and I don't know if I've asked you this already, but do you guys have any names in mind for the little man?