Saturday, July 31, 2010

Quick Family Visits

I got lucky to see my brother Bobby, his wife Abbie, and their son Major over the fourth of July weekend. It was a last minute trip up to Utah, so I only got to see them for a little bit with my work schedule, but Major is just too darn cute, so I had to post a picture or two or three of him.

He liked sucking on anything metal, especially our necklaces. Teething? Probably.

He was excited to walk.

But didn't know what to think of the camera:) He is so sweet though. I'm excited to have a little boy too!

The next week, I headed down to Vegas to see my niece Payton perform in a ballet recital. The first act was a performance of the Little Mermaid. The second act was of the Four Seasons of the year. They had ballet, tap, hip hop, all sorts of dancing. It was cute. And as excited as I am to have a boy, it still made me wish I was having a little girl:)

Madi and Payton before Paytons recital. She was so nervous! It was cute.

I know I didn't get the best pictures, but she is the cute little redhead dancing her heart out.

We went swimming the next day to cool off in the 112 degree Vegas weather. It is way too hot there! Especially for a pregnant lady. I don't know how the women down there do it!

Madi had a birthday party to get to, so Michelle and I took Payton to get a manicure. Michelle and I got pedicures. It was so relaxing and felt so good! It was a quick trip, but it was fun to see the girls again.

The next week, or maybe two weeks later, I lost count, Michelle and her family were driving through Utah to Idaho. They stopped by our place on the way and I tagged along to go to the Thanksgiving Point Museum of Ancient Life. I only got a few pictures, but it was fun! I can't wait to have a family of my own to bring there.

And that is it for now! I think the next time I have family visitors will be in about 2 1/2 months when this little man decides to join us. But for now, he can keep baking away. We want him nice and healthy:)


Briana said...

Look at that big boy! I think he looks like Bobby in that first picture.

Madi and Payton are such cute girls! You are a good aunt :)

M-McClellan said...

We are so lucky to have you so close! Thanks for the wonderful memories this summer!! :)