Friday, July 23, 2010

A Month and a Half Later...

I guess I just get to busy to finish blogging about our trips. So, I'll keep going on our Portland visit. After the cheese factory, we headed to the Manzanita Beach. It was REALLY windy, but fun!

Michelle with our niece, Beverly Rose.

Madi posing on the beach.

Dad and Sarah strolling around.

My cute Mom.

Madi and I trying to get a picture, but it was so windy!

My adorable husband, me, and our baby bump.

James, he is getting so old!

Dad and Sarah again.

Payton and Emma playing in the sand.

Anna building a sand castle around the laptop they found washed up on shore.

My sister in law, Ashley, with Payton and Emma.

I can't blame them. James and William fell asleep on the drive back to Portland. We were so exhausted from such a fun filled day!