Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Reason for the trip...

Anna's graduation! Anna graduated from Portland State. I am so proud of her!

Anna and Sterling
Most of the family that was there.
We found out this weekend that Anna is pregnant! Yay! Here are our baby bumps.
My brother Jason, his wife Ashley, daughter Beverly, and our sweet Sarah.
My niece Emma.
Two of my four nieces, Emma and Madison.
Anna and Madison.
Anna and William.

William, Anna, James, and Madison.

Me and Jason.

Comparing our baby bellies:)

Beverly did not know what to think.

Part of my family that lives in Portland.

Jason's family with my little family. His kids are getting so old!

We dropped Michelle and her girls off at the airport on our drive home to Utah, so we took a detour to Multnomah Falls.

I love my family! It was so good to see all of them! And to spend some good quality time with them. I'm hoping we get to see them more and more from now on. Maybe they'll come visit us in Utah when we have our baby in a couple of months. Hint hint....family, hope to see y'all soon! Love you!


Ivy said...

congratulations to anna!!!!!!!!!!!!! you look so cute!!

M-McClellan said...

We visit! But we do plan on coming up for the blessing! When do you think you will do it?

Logan Family said...

Yay! Finally, you saved the best for last. ;) I want to come down when you have your baby. We'll have to figure out the logistics. Are you thinking Thanksgiving or Christmas for the blessing?

Briana said...

i love multnomah falls! :)

fun to see pictures of your family - everyone is so big and grown up!

congrats to anna on both accounts! :) anna looks so pretty in that first picture of her in her graduation attire.

Briana said...

p.s. i need to see you and your cute baby bump in person! :)

Briana said...

woops... didn't mean to publish yet. i was going to say, are you having a baby shower down here? i need an invite, if so! :)