Monday, August 9, 2010

Sweet Cravings

I have had a craving for some good, old fashioned, home baked cookies lately. I've bought cookies from the grocery store and local bakeries, but they just don't satisfy this craving. As a pregnant lady working 50 hours a week, I don't always want to come home and bake. Somehow, I found the energy today and ended up with these delicious Choc-Oat-Chip cookies, thanks to the recipe found on the back of the Nestle Toll House chocolate chip bag sitting in our cupboards. They are amazing and hit the spot. I didn't even have to alter the recipe to accommodate high altitude baking! Hallelujah! You should try them out, they'll make your day.


Logan Family said...

Mmm... Yummy!

Renae said...

Those look really good!

Briana said...

yum! i bet they were awesome because you have always made awesome cookies. :) i know what you mean about the store cookies not being the same.