Thursday, August 13, 2009

Meteor and Lightening

I just finished a post about our backpacking trip to Island Lake in the High Uintas, so make sure to scroll down and read that one, or at least look at the pictures:) But I want to tell you about our day yesterday. It was fun! Maybe not for everyone else, but we enjoyed ourselves. Scott and I both worked during the day, so when we got off, we headed to softball practice. We had a blast and we are actually getting better! Scott is our new pitcher and I'm your new second basemen:) Afterwards, we went to Terra Mia, this new Italian restaurant that also has gelato. We met Ryan and Rachelle there and ate some delicious gelato. A storm was coming on, lightening everywhere! And scott and I realized we were a bit hungry, so we grabbed some breadsticks from little ceasars and headed up to Squaw Peak to watch the storm. We turned on some Ben Harper, enjoying his soothing musical style, and watched the lightening and the city while we ate our breadsticks. Then...out of nowhere, we saw a meteor!!! It was so close! And we watched it for several several seconds. you could see the tail burning behind it. It was amazing! Turns out, there was a meteor shower last night:) Too bad it was so stormy or we would have seen more, but we had fun up there anyway:) Acting like a young dating couple, even though we are officially not newly weds anymore. We made it to a year! And what a great year it was:)


Lindsay said...

How cute! I miss you- you're so much fun. And you are really making me crave Little Caesars breadsticks. Thanks a lot!!

Briana said...

How cool! Sounds like a fun night!

Megan and Ben Smith said...

How fun! I wish that I could've seen it! I miss acting our age sometimes. We are not old! Yet I get home, want to go to sleep and do nothing! Where's my adventure?