Thursday, August 6, 2009

Maple Canyon

I have been falling behind in the updates, but I'll work on it. It's tough!

A couple of weeks ago, Scott and I decided to head down to Maple Canyon for some awesome rock climbing. We love it down there. We climb on conglomerate rocks...basically, it looks like cobblestones stuck in hardened mud. Or something like that. Either way, it is way fun. We discovered it last summer after our buddy Ryan took a rock climbing class which had a field trip down here.

So, we packed our bags and headed down to camp and climb for the weekend. It was a blast.

This was the first climb I completed on our trip.

Here is a picture of Rachelle and Jordan.

And Scott climbing.

After climbing all afternoon, we headed back to camp where we ate chili dogs and m&ms for dinner! My favorite:) Here is a picture of Scott and I with the smoky fire.

We were so excited when our buddies, the Arthurs, surprised us with their presence!

We had fun, eating and hanging out with our friends. Rachelle and I took lots of pictures.

Scott and little Aiden had fun catching marshmallows on fire. And honestly, I'm getting pretty sleepy right now. So, I'll sum up. Ryan Arthur and our friend Bobbi Pence each climbed for the first time this weekend! I hope they had fun!

As for me, I lead climbed for the first time! Yay! It was a bit scary at first, but I would do it again:)

P.S. Scott and I joined a co-ed softball team. It should be fun! If we don't get rained out, our first game is tomorrow night:)

P.P.S. We went on a sweet backpacking trip last weekend. Keep an eye out for that post, which should be coming in the next couple of days:)