Friday, August 21, 2009


I was so sad yesterday because I knew Scott was leaving for the weekend to go have "guy time".
Camping. Repelling. Hiking. Slot canyons. Cold water. 15 long miles in one day.
I'm glad he went. I really am. He's going to have a blast!
But I was still sad. And he knew it.
I got a text around 10:10 last night, asking how much longer I would be at work.
20 minutes? I was getting close, but a few things happened and I was there until 10:50.
No big deal, but I was tired. I called Scott on my way out to the car.
He made sure to tell me to make sure I check my review mirror so I don't run anything over.
I was pulling forward:) Not reversing. Then he told me to check the back seat.
I turned around, and I see him, standing behind my car, holding a bouquet of gerbera daisies!
They were so fun! And what a great surprise! He really does love me:)

Bright fun summer colors that would make me smile while he is away.
To top it off, he even made a couple of calls and without my knowing.
I have been getting checked up on by different people, just to make sure I'm safe:)
I love him.


Logan Family said...

Cute! What a good husband. :)