Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Restriction on Happy Meals?

I am not normally a very opinionated person, but I was browsing on MSN today and came across this story...

If you don't want to read it, it basically says that San Francisco is trying to pass a law that limits what McDonalds can offer in a Happy Meal to stop child obesity. If they don't change their menu items, they have to get rid of the toys to make it less appealing to children. But really? Yes, I understand that child obesity is a problem. But I don't think our government should be able to limit McDonalds. They need to talk to the parents who allow their children to eat that way all of the time. Shouldn't parents be the ones who enforce what their children eat and don't eat? I think parents should take more credit in their kids lifestyle...or at least tell them no when they are constantly asking for the unhealthy food? But what do I know. Maybe I'll think differently later on. As of right now, I only have a one month old who only drinks milk from his mama of his bottle.


The Reil Family said...

your baby boy is so stinkin' cute!

gosh i have such mixed feelings on that topic! i see your point - why in the world is the gov trying to control food?! however, i read your post earlier today and then seth and i made a trip to walmart, and there were SO many overweight kids. i mean, we're talking 9 out of 10 were severely overweight, probably obese for their age! i also heard a mom swearing (f-word) at her toddler. then another kid was running like crazy and not listening to a word his mom said. so, since the world seems full of such horrible, irresponsible parents, that cant even correct their child without swearing, or get their kid to listen to them, i doubt they take much care in what they feed them! and who wouldnt want a happy meal, since it comes with a toy?! so since the meals are soooo marketed for children to want them, and parents across the board seem to be losing control on the simplest of issues, i can see why it would be beneficial for the happy meal to just be a healthy option. i hope i dont sound crazy. but, im sure in the future, when harlow is BEGGING for the meal with the toy, it would be nice if she could get some nutrition out of it, you know? :)

Briana said...

i appreciate the "healthier" options that are available for happy meals and such (apples or oranges instead of fries and milk or juice instead of soda). BUT, i agree with you emily. i do think its INCREDIBLY important for the government to stay the heck out of the decision. that's not the government's job. not anywhere close.

i can understand the argument that there are reckless, irresponsible parents who won't care what their kids eat. but if we're going to say that the government should step in and choose what their kids are going to eat instead of the parents, we should probably take that even further to the root of the problem and subject every human being to some sort of government regulated test to see if the person is fit to be a parent. if a person is found to be unfit, then the government sterilizes them since they obviously will be irresponsible parents (who would let their kids eat fatty happy meals all the time) and we want the government to step in and regulate these things.


you see what i mean? although, its true that someone else would probably make a better decision for the parents then they are making themselves, you CANNOT give the government that power. you start down that road and where does it end?

even though there are crappy parents out there and some people are not going to choose well, you have to leave that decision in the hands of the parents. the government can do other things to help, like trying to educate parents or offering incentives for healthy choices or something like that. but the government needs to stay out of the business and out of the parent's way.

my opinion in a nutshell. not trying to be argumentative or controversial. :) i like reading your thoughts, emily.