Saturday, November 13, 2010

GAP and leukemia research

I know this is a little late...but maybe a few of you will still get this and be able to use it...but I just got back from the GAP and saved 30% while GAP donated 5% to Leukemia and Lymphoma research. Just click here .You may remember a few posts back about our special visitor Elena who has Leukemia. When her mom, Briana, sent me an email with this coupon, I passed it along via email but didn't think about sharing it here until after I went shopping and saw how many people were there helping out! It was amazing! So...a special thanks to Briana for the heads up and I'm glad I was able to get Maddox a winter coat while supporting Leukemia research for Elena. Now, I just need to get over to Briana's place to give Elena a little present that baby Maddox got for her while we were shopping today:) When is a good time Briana? We need to bring Elena's flip flop back too!


Logan Family said...

I went to Old Navy on Thursday and got a few maternity clothes and then I went to Gap Outlet today with a friend of mine and we both used this. Awesome! I love Gap's Give and Get Events!

The Reil Family said...

I just ordered Harlow some jeans and a cable-knit one piece!

Briana said...

thanks for spreading the word! i totally smiled at your post and anna's comment - i knew i could count on you two! :)

you are awesome, emily. lily and elena have been sick and throwing up for the last few days, so we better hold off on seeing you for a few days - i don't want to get maddox sick!