Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sunny Portland Adventures. Day 1

A couple of weeks ago, Scott and I headed out to Portland for my little sisters college graduation. We're getting so old! We were able to see most of my family while we were there. The only ones we were missing were Bobby and his wife and son, and Michelle's husband. We missed them, but it was still so much fun to see the rest of the family! The first day there, we went to the Oregon Zoo. I'll just put up pictures. They are more entertaining:)

Me and Scott at the zoo.

Anna, Mom, Sterling, and Sarah

Anna and Sterling
Sterling and Sarah.
My youngest brother William.

Me and my daddy!
Payton and the birds.

The girls were sharing!

After a fun day at the zoo, we headed back to Anna's place where we made delicious home made pizzas. I learned a new secret! You can buy the dough that grocery stores use to make french bread for pizza crust. They turned out really good! And we had alot of fun. I love my family:)


Briana said...

yay for anna!!

how fun that you guys all got to be together! all those little girls are looking so grown up.

ah, portland - a place where you can wear jackets in june! man, i'm jealous right now because we have no ac and are sweltering! :)

thanks for sharing the tip about the pizza dough - i'm totally doing that.

and, lastly, to end this really long comment :) i'm very disappointed that there were no good pictures of your baby bump :) i was looking for one. so, now you should post one! :)

The Copelands said...

It's coming! I have more from portland with a few good baby bumps in them:)

emuhle said...

i cannot believe how big your little brothers are getting! yay for the pacific northwest- i sure do miss that place.
isn't it the best when you are walking around in public and you can say, "yeah, this belly is legit. there's a little man in there?" you look so cute!