Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More camping...that we never finished

So, we never finished this, and I'm not sure how to just add pictures in a single column. I tried, but it put them all screwy. Anyway, after seeing the condors, we went for a hike and saw some waterfalls. Then, we played on these beautiful beaches where we found tons of purple sand! It was fun. We watched and listened to the waves for a long while. We raced up some giant sand hills and goofed around on some rocks. We ate a bag of goldfish and walked in the water. It was a great day.

Unfortunately, we only had time for a short trip. We had to head back to school and work. But on our way, we saw all sorts of neat things! We drove past a beach of giant sea lions, a herd of zebras in a cow pasture, a castle on a hill, tons of windmills, and this lovely rainbow. Our trip was amazing. We can't wait to go on another one sometime soon!


Briana said...

Gorgeous! Where in California was that beach? I have to say, this is a side of California that I have never seen before and I like it. Usually I'm just unimpressed with CA, but the stuff you guys visited looks great! And I can't believe you guys saw Zebras! Sounds like so much fun!

Arielle said...

Your trip sounded so awesome! I think that it is funny that you saw a herd of zebras, What are the chances? You two sound like you have tons of fun! Hope to see you at the baby shower on tuesday!