Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 3-California Camping

Rock Climbing was a blast, but we had to move on to see other new sights! We drove out to Big Sur on New Year's Eve. We were supposed to be camping, but while driving along the Coastal highway, we noticed a huge black cloud coming inland from the ocean. How could we miss that? It was enormous! So, we decided we better take a raincheck on the camping, and find a cabin. We were lucky to find one! This state park was packed for the holidays!

New Year's Eve, we tried to stay up to midnight, but we are light weights. We entertained ourselves with Scrabble and cookies and milk for awhile, but it just didn't work. We were pased out pretty early:)

The next day, we began to explor. Big Sur was beautiful. Look at the Redwoods we were in! There were also palm trees, evergreens, rocky cliffs, sandy beaches. It was amazing. We hiked to an overlook to check out McWay Falls. We then continued to drive and spotted a California Condor! They were near to extinction a few years back, but they bred them like crazy to keep them alive. They have wing spans of 12 feet! Sorry they don't look that big in the picture:)

Oops! I gotta run. I'll continue this later!


M-McClellan said...

Fun, fun. Hey are thought you were trading in the Honda, are you doing both? (buying the motorcycle and trading the Honda?)

The Copelands said...

yeah, we bought the motorcycle, and if we can find a jeep that we want from a dealership, then we will trade in the element. If we can't find one we like, then we'll keep it. We're looking, but not dying to get a new car right now.