Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Adorable 8 Month Old and the Fun We Have

I don't think I ever shared Maddox's recent accomplishments. Back in April, Maddox was scooting on his stomach and doing a little frog hop to get around. But on May 6, he started to do a real crawl! You know, the typical one. May 7 came and he was pulling himself up into a kneeling position. May 8 came and what do you know. He learned to pull himself up on EVERYTHING. Three days is all it took to go from a hop crawl to standing up on furniture. Now, he cruises around the entire house. He loves looking out the window, playing on the dishwasher door, using the kitchen table and the rocking chair as his own personal forts where he stashes his toys, and crawling as fast as he can. Maddox started waving bye to people yesterday. Said 'hi' to his Dad on the phone last week, says 'hey' if we aren't looking at him in his high chair, and sometimes even lets 'Dada' slip out. He loves to make spit bubbles with his tongue, swing at the park, and go for walks. Most of the time, he won't let me feed him. He has to hold his own bottles and loves to feed himself finger foods. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse already keeps him entertained.

With Scott gone a lot this summer for work, Maddox and I have a ton of time to spend together. Scott left Tuesday morning, and already we have gone for a walk to a local restaurant for a dinner date, went to work for a little bit, and then headed to the park to swing, slide, walk, play in the fountain, pet puppies, and even attempt a rock wall! It's a little chilly out today so I think we'll stay in and tidy up the house a bit before we meet a friend for dinner. And tomorrow, more park play then Scott will be home. Yay! We love having Scott home when he is home because he will be home for 3-4 days straight. The three of us have already had alot of BBQs up in the canyons, and gone on lots of walks up in the canyons. We love it. Well, here are pictures of our big boy.

On a family walk up Provo Canyon

We love the mountains.

Asleep on our walk.

Standing on the rocking chair.

Standing against the couch.

Playing under the rocking chair.

Looking out the window.

Asleep after too much fun at the park.

Climbing with Dad.

First slide.

Relaxing in the park.

Looking out the plane window on our second trip to SC.

Cuddling with his grandma.

Looking out the window at Grandmas house.

Playing in Sarah's wheelchair.

First swing at the park in SC.

Standing up on everything.

Reading a book like a big boy, in his own seat on our flight to SC.

Feeding himself.

Dinner date with my baby.

I just can't get enough of him.

On our walk to dinner. Sorry the pictures are backwards.


Watching Mickey Mouse and eating graham crackers for breakfast.

I put on his sunscreen and couldn't get his hair to lay down, so it's up:)

He loves to swing.

He wanted to try the rock wall since he is so old.

Enjoying a bottle after playing by the fountain.

Eight Month treat...Vanilla Wafers.

Wow, I meant this post to be about our day yesterday, but instead it turned into some pictures from the past month. Oh well. We'll have more of those later:)