Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Quick updates

1. In two days, my hair will be gone.

2. Maddox lost his sleeping pattern:( Hopefully it'll come back shortly, I need sleep!

3. Maddox loves his rice cereal so much that he eats TWO bowls with every meal(breakfast, lunch, and dinner)...along with 4-8 oz of formula.

4. Scott buzzed his head. Hot:) His beard is getting longer, he's growing it out for the fire season.

5. We officially paid off my car and OWN it. Yay!! And by we, I mean Dad and me:) Or at least those are the names on the title. Thanks for helping out Mom and Dad! Love y'all!

6. Scott and I got our rebate from the Costco AmEx we have, so we bought groceries and have only eaten out once since then, and that was when I met him at his work cause he gets free food. This is a BIG deal for us. We are used to eating out almost every meal. So far, I feel great and kind of healthier for it! Lots of Salmon, bananas, carrots, nutri-grain bars, instant breakfasts, and so much more. Yum...

And that is really all. Nothing too major, but Maddox is asleep right now and I felt like blogging, even though I didn't have too much to blog about. So, have a good night!


Briana said...

by "my hair will be gone", you mean you're getting a haircut?? oooo, you'll have to post pictures. i need a haircut really bad, too. :)

how did scott's interview go on tuesday?