Thursday, March 26, 2009

Random Fun...

So, I found my camera, and on it I found a picture of me with my new osprey backpack, along with scott's new tent!

I also found pictures of the ceramic plate and bowl Scott and I painted at Color Me Mine. If y'all haven't been there, we recommend going! It is so much fun! Making your own creations while listening to the awesome music they have playing is a great way to spend a saturday night together. Scott painted the asian scene on the noodle bowl. He went to Korea on his mission and loves the culture.

I, on the other hand, painted a zebra striped plate to match the vases I got at the San Diego Zoo a few years ago. They also match our couches:) So, here is some of the fun that we have had together!


Briana said...

:) I love that your tent is set up in the front room!

Lindsay said...

The creations are so cute! And what a neat tent! Too bad it got demolished! =)